#CheckYourSelfieZA is a social media campaign that wants to make a real difference, in celebration of Women's Month. Share a photo of your bra during a breast self-examination and get your friends to do the same.


There's a bit more to a breast self-examination than getting your girls out and having a quick squeeze. Don't worry though, it's still really easy and crucial for your health.

Start by using the pads of your three middle fingers to carefully examine your breasts, looking out for lumps, hard knots or thickening. Make sure you do a thorough job and inspect every inch of your lady bumps for anything that looks or feels out of the ordinary.

Stand in front of the mirror and check for changes in appearance.

Try a BSE in the shower or lying on your bed, to make sure you check every inch.

Use the pads of your three middle fingers to feel your breasts.

Start with a slow, circular motion.

Then up and down; make sure to cover every inch.

Finish off with an in-out motion from the centre.


Once you're happy that your boobs are in tip-top condition, take a quick snap of your bra (wherever it's lying) as evidence of your good work.

Post your bra shot on social media with the hashtag #CheckYourSelfieZA, and encourage your friends to also examine themselves.


Your breast self-examination turn up something out of the ordinary?
Did you discover a bump or lump that's a bit worrying? Don't stress, there are plenty of friendly people around that can help you out:


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